Let’s talk about the WHOLE building as a piece of art/mural


and what about the HUman Rights Museum, https//humanrights.ca


Light Art

Light Art examples

We have Island Of Lights here in Portage on our Island every winter. What if we could put a call out to artists to create a light piece to add to this or to be a permanent fixture someplace in the city?

What if we could have a festival/fundraiser where people purchased glow sticks and they became part of something much bigger?

A projected light show on the dark provincial building in the centre of town?


Winter Festival Art … so many things to do with snow and ice.

Ice balloon master pieces link below

What about a snow angel contest? They can spray them with food coloring or…

A mass display of snow men, small ones like a crowd

Frozen clothes dancing and suspended by tree branches

Collaborative ice sculpture, ask people to bring ice in any shape, some colored with food colouring and assembled into a large piece on site, with slush and salt.


Stomped out with skiis or snow shoesImageImageImageImage

How would you…. With art?


1. Transform garbage

2. Direct the flow of people in an urban setting

3. Document the passing of time

Graffitti Stop motion by BLU

4. Sell Nothing

5. Create decoration that is also information.

6. Celebrate and everyday object by giving it a new use in a public setting. For example transform a plastic shopping bag.

7. Create a piece that is dependent on height.

8. Create a piece that incorporates one of the senses you use the least

9. Create pieces based on a recurring character

10. Create a piece using one of your habits as a source

11. Create a piece that answers the question, “if you only had one last chance to say something to the world, what would it be?”

12. Share little bits of your life one or two sentences at a time.

13. Instead of asking questions, give answers

14. Create a piece based on light

15. Create a piece based on sound

16. Create a piece that is subtractive

17. Work with the concept of instant sculpture

18. Create a piece that incorporates air.

19. Create a piece that is dependent on rain

20. Create a piece that changes over time.

21. Combine 2 of the above ideas

22.Create a work and install it in a secret location

Exercises from “The Guerilla Art Kit” by Keri Smith