Willow Art

I would like lessons in this, I love how it includes birds as well allowing them to be part of the creating process too.





Surveyor’s Tape on chain link fences

Winter, not my favorite time of year, so little colour. When I was in Chicago one year a local church had decorated some trees with Surveyors tape and they were beautiful, blowing in the wind.ImageImageGorgeous don’t you think?

I came home and looked up suppliers of Surveyor’s tape, unfortunately they didn’t have these two tones of blue, or two tones of any similar colour, but I started to think of all the chain link fences we have around town, especially around schools. Also remembering the art of hugging rugs, what if we used chain link fences and surveyors tape, the squares of the fence like pixels in a picture, we could create colourful Chinese dragons, sunsets, water rippling, …..little hands could definitely help in coming up with ideas and in tying all those plastic streamers on, and they would stand up to the elements very well, and it really isn’t that expensive. I tried some flowers on a fence, very bold, and I am sure some supplier would have more colours to choose from but definitely makes a statementImage