Willow Art

I would like lessons in this, I love how it includes birds as well allowing them to be part of the creating process too.





Stencil Art

34410384623042493_Llksn3Ug_f 230035493436282619_J9dBDnk8_fWhat fun can you have with stencils?

Sayings, quotes, inspiration, humour..

What about repeating patterns like leaves? Flowers, dots ( you could do dots like pixels, and create a huge image)

Using flour instead of paint on grass, you can have fun, create something new, and the rain can erase it and someone can start fresh, a new chance to be creative.

Out door seating

Why not have a competition? Our high school, other schools, here and there through out the city, people could use a place to sit for a moment. I was wondering about a cement form like Bears on Broadway or the wolves but that could be used to sit on? People could paint and individualize them but they would all have the same shape, a cohesive look, structure.

Or if we leave it up to the students at the high school, they could come up with seats out of recycled pop bottles, maybe squished pop cans, wooden structures, re-purposed logs, tires, …unlimited the things they might come up with, they just may not be as permanent. Non permanent would be fine as long as they have fun making them and realize they may only be out for a short term before they need to remove them. Maybe the BCT class could collaborate with the arts class, and it could be a school project…..IM000194.JPG IM000195.JPG2004-Margate-Park-C_ 2004-Margate-Park-D_ public_plazas_2 536681_441869465827042_1847667769_n IMG_1477 366_1293 366_1294 366_1304 366_7417 ff165e0be908fcfc689b36ff54ef3fff 1-spring-diy 3_Copy_of_Pictures_&_potteries_028 bench4?

Art Festivals, sidewalk chalk, lanterns, ice sculptures, circle art….

Sidewalk Chalk Festivals, May long or Labour day weekendImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageHeritage Square, PCI plaza, the Crescent Lake walking path, so many great places to have a sidewalk chalk festival.





http://www.chalkthewalk.ca/ImageImageLantern Festivals, last year students made 100’s of lotus lanterns through ArtsSmarts that we set a drift on Crescent Lake, a beautiful sight.

In south East Asia, lantern festivals have been going on for years. Sky lanterns are released into the sky, setting dreams and wishes off to the universe.

At Trout Lake in Vancouver, they have an incredible lantern festival, using over head projectors on surfaces, people bring lanterns of their own making, held on bamboo poles, some large structures, they have white tents with shadow shows on them, fire dancers, people dressed in lights, lanterns floating on the lake, numerous ways of lighting up the night. Beautiful.






Welcome to my blog on Public Art

I love public art, love interacting with it, love how it adds to the environment. I have been involved in creating public art in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba over the years.

I designed the signs coming into Portage la Prairie.This depicts the AMAZING sunrises and sunsets we enjoy in Portage la Prairie, and the dancing wheat fields. The sign is all metal, every head of wheat was cut out and later welded together, it was quite a sight to see when it was all silver and polished. Then it went to a farm implement dealer manufacturer who painted it as they do farm machinery, electrify the paint so that it is attracted to the metal, and binds with it, so it is very permanent and no surface is missed. It should last a very long time. So nice that it is set off with wonderful landscaping as well.

I am also very involved in the ArtSmart Program here in Portage la Prairie. We were very fortunate to have the McConnell Foundation, take Portage la Prairie on as a pilot city to integrate art back into school curriculum, and to try and have  artists viewed as a valuable part of our communities whom should be paid for the expertise, not just expected to volunteer it.

When the McConnell Foundation decided it was time to wean us from their funding, it was decided we need art to have more exposure so we started coming up with art for the community, public art projects, made by students.Elementary students created paving stones of Manitoba Wild flowers to be installed at the base of 4 pillars (the pillars were for the 4 middle year schools). This was installed at our cities high school, after we amalgamated 2 into one, this is THE highs school, where all students will come. The elementary students who made these will one day be a part of this high school and they already have a piece of themselves there.

With the Manitoba Wild flowers at the base, created by our elementary students the middle years students then started on the 4 pillars. The feeder schools to the high school, each pillar a representation of the school they came from.

Each middle year school¬† has it’s own individuality and that showed in their designs. The students picked the images they thought would best represent their school. They worked with an artist to organize the images they came up with so they would fit the format around the pillar. They helped cut the glass and laid it out. The artists then attached them to the pillars.

A detail on the LaVerendrye Pillar