Plywood, or Chloroplast, plastic cardboard, images on chain link

In BC the school children in many places have painted plywood salmon Image, that are then twist tied to the school yard chain link fences, as if they are swimming in a stream, very fluid and each fish very individual. There are also cranes.Image

We could do geese. We could even make them out of chloroplast, plastic cardboard. The high school has a CNC machine so a computer figures out how to get the most objects out of a sheet.

That’s if we want a bunch of a similar shape.

But what if we used  this same material and the students came up with a story for their area, that fit into a theme that could co-ordinate with the walking/bicycling path in their neighbourhood? Voyeguers around La Verendrye School, The activities at Fort la Reine at that school, etc.? Then just like illustrating a book, images could be created, cut out , painted and twist tied to the fence, an out door story board, some images big, others small. It could be quite educational and interesting to passers by. A great way to involve the students in their neighbourhood.Image

A fence at Fort la Reine just waiting to express itself.