What is Public Art?

As a space shared by all citizens, public space is one of the main sources of local identity. Furthermore, public space is where citizens communicate and interact with each other and become engaged in public matters, and is thus a precondition for public freedom. Thus the right, as well as the necessity, for the citizens to use public space as something which belongs to them and as a place for public debate and engaging in public discourse.

Public art is art when it encourages and expedites connections between the private and public, the intimate place and the municipal space, the body and the community. There are moments of reflection when an image, or sound, or space allows individuals to embody, in a uniqueand often specific way, the vast and various issues of public life….”

Public art is a part of our public history, part of our evolving culture and our collective memory. It reflects and reveals our society and adds meaning to our cities. As artists respond to our times, they reflect their inner vision to the outside world, and they create a chronicle of our public experience.”


Public art is defined differently even by the people who come together to make it happen:


Public art is an opportunity to actively investigate these “congested crossroads” as a creative individual, with a permanent or temporary gesture, intervention or statement; to work on a grand scale and in relation to multiple audiences.


Public art is a way of connecting the imaginative potential of artists and the lived experience of our shared environment: to facilitate a dynamic cultural life.


Public art is an occasion to engage with a unique creative form and reflect on the circumstances, freedoms and constraints, of the spaces we deem “public.”


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