Guerilla Art- What is it? Some possibilities.

Art in unexpected places, taking the Art Gallery to the Public.

Guerilla Art, anonymous art work installed, performed, or attached in public spaces, with the distinct purpose of affecting the world in a creative or thought provoking way.

by Keri Smith in The Guerilla Art Kit

“These little gestures encourage us to not take our world so seriously, to contemplate for a moment something outside the predictable. They reawaken a sense of connection to the environment by pointing out something that may not have been seen, by adding a new image to the world that is unexpected, or by presenting an alternative point of view.

Guerilla Art is for everyone. It engages viewers who might never step foor in a gallery. It is free and accessible.

being a guerilla artist is a way of bonding with and reclaiming my environment, I become an integral part of public space instead of feeling like a visitor in my own town. In this way I am also questioning what is acceptable behavior and challenging what I am “allowed” to do within a specific context.

Public Art says, the human spirit is alive here.

Be the change you want to see in the world. You can affect someone’s day or even change the world (one interaction at a time) just by presenting someone with something different than what they might expect. Imagine the postal worker running through his day, stopping for a moment to read a quote you have chalked onto the sidewalk. You have the power to enter into people’s daily routines.

Work that is impermanent reminds us that nothing in life is permanent, that every state is temporary and transitory.

1.Look at your environment as if you are a tourist and have never visited it. Pay close attention to the details. Look without judging.

2.Observe how people interact with the environment. Can you use their habits in an interactive piece?

3.Make note of your emotions. What causes you to tune out? What moves you to tears? What makes you smile?

4. Humour can be extremely helpful in reaching viewers, allowing them to interact with a message in a non confrontational way.

5.Combine/add/alter/reinvent ideas that already exist; build on ideas of others.

6.Use your daily life as a source for your ideas. What makes the way you percieve the world unique? How have your experiences shaped you?

7. Record ideas, keep a journal.

Some possibilities;

Coupon Poster,

hidden fortunes(like in fortune cookies in arbitrary spots,

public chalk board, knitted tags,

unexpected objects,(like messages in a bottle),

guerilla mail- postcards that as each person receives they change,

post-it notes to create an image to act as clues, or a trail of words with a message

moss graffitti

changing how a sign, utility box, fire hydrant, parking meter looks – friendly monster? flowers? Transforming them

Miniature worlds- be sure they can be seen and not stepped on.

Wish tree

Portable idea dispenser

Adding text bubbles to posters

Tape casting- adding people to the scenery



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