Interactive Art

I am lucky enough to have been chosen to go to the Next TEDxManitoba on “Play” how appropriate.

Taking a few minutes out of your day to connect with the child with in, to dream about a new future, to relax to breath, to live!

My daughter goes to the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock desert, that is interactive art on a large scale. In many ways it is about us not waiting to be entertained but us allowing our true playful selves out  and adding fun to our life’s through self expression, crazy outfits, wild ideas in transportation, sharing…

Like the ball pit I posted earlier and this one, what a great way to take a time out from our every day routine, and get to know our selves better and possibly someone else better.

To have a committee that had X$’s from May to end of September to have installations around town that people could interact with. Maybe if people had art to interact with there might be less undesired vandalism, ie Graffiti

Some other Interactive Art I have seen (Refer to TEDtalks on left) Speech bubbles that were attached to advertisements, etc where people could add their possible phrases. Black and White Poster’s, the inside out project, about social justice ( )

As I walked away from Times Square, I thought of the thousands of people who have contributed 120,000 portraits to city walls, streets and countless other surfaces from Tunisia to South Dakota. I wondered if volunteers in the each of the 110 countries INSIDE OUT has touched experienced what I did. Did they see giggling children who were shorter than the portraits of their likeness dance blissfully with images of themselves? Did they witness a bride and groom take photos in their wedding finery and paste their pictures next to each other to symbolize their bond? Or, did they see what I repeatedly witnessed, a sense of recognition, pride and purpose in the eyes of folks who were given a moment to be truly seen – with big, bold, authentic, and honest emotion.

“The people’s art project” gave New Yorkers a chance to choose to remain anonymous while also being visible. By providing us with an opportunity to pause and be present together, INSIDE OUT created a humbling a sense of intimacy in the most populous city in the United States.”

, Changing “Don’t” signs to be more positive messages…..

What if many people helped crayon a background, then it was all covered in Indian Ink and people were then invited to scratch off a new image?


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