Art Festivals, sidewalk chalk, lanterns, ice sculptures, circle art….

Sidewalk Chalk Festivals, May long or Labour day weekendImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageHeritage Square, PCI plaza, the Crescent Lake walking path, so many great places to have a sidewalk chalk festival. Festivals, last year students made 100’s of lotus lanterns through ArtsSmarts that we set a drift on Crescent Lake, a beautiful sight.

In south East Asia, lantern festivals have been going on for years. Sky lanterns are released into the sky, setting dreams and wishes off to the universe.

At Trout Lake in Vancouver, they have an incredible lantern festival, using over head projectors on surfaces, people bring lanterns of their own making, held on bamboo poles, some large structures, they have white tents with shadow shows on them, fire dancers, people dressed in lights, lanterns floating on the lake, numerous ways of lighting up the night. Beautiful.



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