How can we point tourists toward our Island Park?

The jewel of our town, Crescent Lake, how many people have driven by Portage and not even known it existed? I have heard many stories from people that were unaware this was so close off the main street, Saskatchewan Ave, and of course they had no idea what all was offered there. How do we direct people there?

I like our tin soldier on city hall during the island of lights, he suggests by pointing down Royal Rd N that there is more to see that way. What can we have the rest of the year?

What about an over head formation of geese above Royal Ave and Saskatchewan Ave? High enough not to be in the way of semi’s etc, made so that snow would not accumulate and fall on passing vehicles, and out of a material that would not create a glare in driver’s eyes.. Maybe just a suggestion of geese that wind can pass through. Would the highways people let us if we previously thought out any possible problems and how to avoid them? Would the corner businesses, TBS, Century 21 be willing to let us use their buildings as supports if necessary?

If not what about something like these? But geese of course attached to the divide and the sidewalk areas.


What about the corners of 8th St W and Saskatchewan Ave, and 3rd St E and Saskatchewan? Would the businesses there be interested in erect some type of public art that would direct people towards Crescent Lake? Cement Geese like Bears on Broadway with Steel pipe necks, sponsored by businesses and painted by artists.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Maybe not geese, maybe aboriginal dancers, jingle dress girls, hoop dancers, grass dancers out of fiberglass like these terra cotta warriors in Vancouver


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